How can i search using answerinlineQuery on telegram bot in elixir

Am making a ussd code using telegram bot. i have made buttons using inline_keyboard and reply_markup. Now i want to give users an input field where they can click and enter their meter number and once they enter the meter number the inlinequery has to search for the meter number from a certain API and return the result. Am using switch_inline_query_current_chat but its not doing what i want.Here is a sample of my code.

def handle({:callback_query, %{data: “view”}}, context) do

** IO.inspect(context, label: “sssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttsssssss”)**
** get_callback_query_id =**
** Nadia.answer_callback_query(**
** Nadia.send_message(get_callback_query_id, “Meter Number”,**
** reply_markup: %{**
** inline_keyboard: [**
** query = [%{text: “Click to enter meter number.”, switch_inline_query_current_chat: “”}] ,**
** [%{text: “Back To Menu :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:”, callback_data: “start”}]**
** ]**

** })**

** meter = String.trim(, 0).switch_inline_query_current_chat)**
** if meter == “” do**
** else**
** IO.inspect meter**
** ans = answer(context, "Dear CUSTOMER (#{meter}) Your Current Balance is ")**
** IO.inspect ans**
** end**

** end.**

Please help.