How do I handle hyphens in table names and fields

Hi, I’m currently trying to create a Phoenix based Rest-API to interface with an existing database (grown over he last 14 years, you know the drill ;)) To simplify feature management, he named the tables feature-a, feature-b, feature-c and corresponding fields to activate features f-userlevel, f-disable, f-blocked.

AFAIK I can’t put this directly into the schema or use field_source_mapper, because hyphens are not allowed in atoms. I also tried with [source: f-passwd], but f was expected to be a function here. As a string, the column name was not matched and I got only empty results.

Could someone please give me a hint, how to handle this?

Hyphens are allowed in atoms: :"table-with-hyphen"


Oh, I see. Thank you, I just missed the quotes then.