How do I know what's new in Phoenix?

Today I’m updating to the latest commit of LiveView and see that it wants me to use Phoenix 1.4.8 (I’m on 1.4.4).

When I check the github releases for Phoenix, it’s not clear what has happened between 1.4.4 and 1.4.8. Also, the blog only talks about 1.4.0 (which makes sense).

  1. Maybe I am just reading github wrong? How do I get a high-level overview of what’s changed?
  2. Can I be 100% sure there are no breaking changes in minor releases?
  3. Finally, if I update my project to 1.4.8 just from mix.exs file and run mix deps.get should I also run mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.4.8?
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  1. See the changelog here:
  2. You cannot be 100 % sure unless you read through the individual commits. Always test your system after bumping versions.
  3. That will affect the Phoenix project generator so any new projects you create will use that version. It won’t affect your existing project.

And if you’re really paranoid, use mix hex.package diff package_name version_from..version_to (new in hex 0.20), because the code in the repo isn’t necessarily the same as the published code :wink: