How do I Tweak Generator Forms to do a Redirect After Action?

I built an app based on content provided by the Generator. I haven’t gotten around to understanding the form syntax. How do I tweak the below code so that when the user clicks the button the current action is performed and then a redirect to the homepage is performed? This is something I would typically do in JS .

<.simple_form :let={f} for={@changeset} action={@action}>
  <.error :if={@changeset.action}>
    Oops, something went wrong! Please check the errors below.
  <.input field={f[:name]} type="text" label="Name" />
  <.input field={f[:version]} type="text" label="Version" />
  <.input field={f[:owner]} type="text" label="Owner" />
  <.input field={f[:note]} type="textarea" label="Note" />
  <.input field={f[:developer]} type="text" label="Developer" />
  <.input field={f[:status]} type="text" label="Status" />
  <.input field={f[:url]} type="text" label="Url" />
  <.input field={f[:manager]} type="text" label="Manager" />
  <.input field={f[:db_backup]} type="checkbox" label="DB Backup" />
  <.input field={f[:vnetc_auto_upgrade]} type="checkbox" label="vNetC Auto Upgrade" />
  <.input field={f[:firmware_auto_upgrade]} type="checkbox" label="Firmware Auto Upgrade" />
  <.input field={f[:managed_out_of_service]} type="checkbox" label="Managed Out of Service" />
    <.button>Save Test bed</.button>


I tried wrapping it with the link component and of course it didn’t work.

     <.link href={~p"/"}>
    <.button>Save Test bed</.button>

Thank you

BTW I am looking to do it in a way where an extra button is added. I don’t want to change the abstraction so that it breaks the current behavior.

I could copy the controller info and that’s what I am doing now but at a glance I thought there might be a quicker way