How do I use a live view from a controller and be able to use live_link()?

Im using a controller the render a live view, because I need to set breadcrumbs for the template. The problem is that my live view is using live_link/2 for pagination, and using a controller instead of the live/3 macro, i wont be able to use live_link().

I saw that there is a router: someRouter option for live_render/3 but not sure how to implement it, anyone got any clues?

I solved the problem by creating a plug and match on request_path.

defmodule FigurismWeb.Plug.BreadcrumbsPlug do
  use Breadcrumble

  def init(opts), do: opts

  def call(%Plug.Conn{:request_path => "/admin/users"} = conn, _opts) do
    |> add_breadcrumb(name: "Dashboard", url: "/admin/dashboard")
    |> add_breadcrumb(name: "Users")

  def call(conn, _opts), do: conn

And routes:

pipeline :admin do
    plug FigurismWeb.Plug.BreadcrumbsPlug

I think this is an ok solution until you get a lot of live macros, so im still curious on how to use the routes: Someroute options for live_render :slight_smile: