How do I use Elixir Term Storage (ETS) in Phoenix?

I would like to write a simple phoenix app that I can post JSON to. The app should hold on to the JSON and return it to me when I ask for it. I would like to be able to update this JSON from time to time.

I think I should use ETS for this.

I only have 4-5 blobs of JSON to store, but they will be accessed from millions of clients.

I was reading documentation here: It says:

We don’t recommend using this store in production as every session will be stored in ETS and never cleaned until you create a task responsible for cleaning up old entries.

Also, since the store is in-memory, it means sessions are not shared between servers. If you deploy to more than one machine, using this store is again not recommended.

So, my question: how can I use ETS without violating the recommendation above. Also, how can I ensure that I don’t run into the problem information being shared between nodes.


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The getting started guides give some examples of how to create a basic :ets key value store.

As for the multi-node question, I would have some external thing act as the canonical store of the json blobs, and merely cache them with ets on each node.


Hi there!

The piece of text that you quoted just warns you to not use ETS as a session store, not to give up on it entirely! :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest you read this article that shows you basic ETS operations:

Also, if you aren’t going to do a lot of updating, I suggest you set read_concurrency on, it will greatly speed up your lookups! :smiley: