How do you do integration testing with Ueberauth (Google specifically but any strategy should suffice)?

I have Google Ueberauth implemented in Phoenix according to examples but am wondering how I should think about creating integration tests (browser tests, acceptance tests, whatever you like to call those).

I could create an auth server, or maybe set some environment variables, or mock/stub methods. I’d like to know what a preferred approach is and why. Some example code or helpful links would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Are you looking to test what is behind your authentication? Or the authentication itself?

Mostly what’s behind it.

You will want to look into something like , it lets you authenticate by using this in your tests instead of having to go through whatever authentication gateway you use, and great for testing authorization as well.

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Hi @joshtaylor, is this still working? I tried adding it to my project but it won’t let me