How do you manage your team documentation?

hey folks, how are you? ;p

i would like to ask you a general question
how do you manage your team documentation(or wiki) when you have large project ?
what kind of tools do you use?

i’ve been using github wiki for a while and quite satisfied.
however, as i started a large project which includes different platforms (e.g. mobile apps)
i think I am lost cuz now all the information is beyond one project.
(In my case, i have a a mobile app, main server, and several micro-services.)

I am thinking of sharing not only api guides but also architectures and some of business concerns with a combined documentation like a bible (for example earthwindfire_101)

any advice or recommendations for this?
I’ll be glad if i can hear your experience, thank you!

1 Like is awesome if you have some money to throw at it

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I made a repository dedicated to documentation and using files with markdowns (.md) with a chrome extension “Octotree”.( Just create a token in case your repo is private, instructions are given there)
Everything goes smooth here and that too free of cost :innocent:


Thanks, I would try this, I really like its interface !

so brilliant! I’ve never thought about using this combination.
now the difficulty of navigation is totally gone.