How long have you been using Erlang?

Erlang is a few decades old now - just wondered who’s been using it a while… and who’s new to it :003:

Please also feel free to say what drew you to it initially and what you’ve enjoyed most about working with it :smiley:

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I first used it for a project I started about 10 years ago though after I left that company I didn’t really use it again until I got interested in elixir a few years ago.

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I’m new to Elixir (learning it in my own time and about to port a side-project to it) but I’ve also bought some Erlang books and want to at least get a basic understanding of it. So, based on an optimistic schedule, I’m probably at about -90 days. :grin:


I have been working with Elixir for 2 years approximately. So I am new.

Concurrency brought me to Elixir. I was working with Ruby on Rails and Gmail’s API so I was trying to parse my inbox with 40,000 emails. It was taking forever and wanted to spawn async tasks to speed things up so I googled my options and Redis came up. I finally implemented Redis but didn’t like the fact that I had to use another tool to get this working. And even though it was taking about 30 minutes to do the job.

So I googled up my options again and found Elixir. Long story short, I implemented the same functionality with Elixir Task’s and was able to parse the inbox in 5 minutes or a bit less saving 25 minutes of time.

Since then it was a no brainier… Elixir.


I started using Erlang for some mini-servers that I didn’t want to go down in the early 2000’s, played with it a bit before that before actually ‘using’ it, and been using it for a variety of purposes ever since. Consequently, the up-time guarantee and the ease of concurrency with parallelism (for areas where I didn’t really need CPU speed) was the huge draw.