How much more I'll need to learn, to land a remote job?

I have a working knowledge in Ruby on Rails. Like I can develop any kind of application with the default front-end (without using React, Angular etc, but based on the turbolinks). I also have taken a course on how to develop APIs in rails at TeamTreehouse, but didn’t use it in some real project. I know how everything works. I don’t know a lot of things, like I know how testing works, but haven’t used enough testing in Rails. I know how the caching things work, but don’t know how to actually scale an application using the proxy server at the front and application servers at the back (I mean I know these things, but haven’t used yet).
Now I stared learning Elixir and Phoenix, but I’m learning it differently. Thanks to the Elixir’s community’s different mentality that “Learn Elixir before starting Phoenix” and thanks to Shankar’s awesome “Phoenix inside Out” series which teaches every single detail about testing, TDD, acception tests and everything, so I hope I’ll learn Phoenix better than how much I knew Rails.

The question I’m asking is, how much more stuff (other than finishing Shankar’s books series) I’ll need to learn to land a remote job, like those jobs on StackOverflow or Plataformatec?

Thank You!

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I don’t think there’s ever been a simple and actually correct answer to this. Landing a job seems random and pretty dependent on factors that aren’t all connected to your level of expertise. I would recommend having a pretty well-filled GitHub account, but I only say that because that’s what I was hired because of at my current job so I can’t vouch for this as a general rule.

Remember to have fun learning and creating and not only focusing on when you can make money, though, and I’m sure the opportunities will come soon enough. That might sound trite, but I do believe it’s true.