How popular are Elixir development jobs in your country?

We have multiple departments at HCA in the U.S. now using it! :slight_smile:


U.S. seems to have quite a bit if one is willing to relocate. I feel like I see Austin, TX pop up quite a bit. I’m in Sacramento and I’ve seem a few pop up outside of SF. An elixir job in Sacramento seems crazy because it’s government and enterprise (think Intel) so it gives me high hopes. Elixir appears to spread out fairly “evenly” in the states, which is promising. We also started using elixir at my place of work.

In Boston there’s a few.

  • Wistia (where I work) We’ve got both Ruby and Elixir. Though most newer things are getting built in Elixir.
  • MBTA - Transit system here in the Boston area. They’re all Elixir at this point.
  • PillPack - Now an amazon company. Technically they might not have any Elixir at the moment, but they’re looking at converting some of their ruby stuff to Elixir and Go.
  • AppCues - They transitioned from Node (and maybe Ruby) to Elixir. I think they’re fully Elixir now.
  • Iora Health - I know they use Elixir, but pretty sure they have some Ruby as well.
  • Brightcove - Pretty sure they only have one service in Elixir. Something for routing I believe.
  • McGraw-Hill - Not sure the extent, but I believe part of their learning platform is Elixir.
  • Corvus Insurance - Elixir and Elm.
  • Dockyard - Though technically they’re 100% remote now.
  • Thoughtbot - They started as a Ruby consultancy, but they’ve broadened and I believe they recommend Elixir when given the choice.
  • Zipcar - Had at least one service at one point. Not sure it’s still used though.

Might be more, but those are the ones I’m aware of.


We have had vacancies in Kiev, Ukraine several months ago and will open new vacancies again later this year.
Pharos Production Inc. - Blockchain & FinTech Software Development

I’m in China, you can’t find job if you only use elixir

As suggested, grab a copy of the Adopting Elixir book. It’s super nice and not only for tech folks.
In Berlin, there might be 10 companies/startups that are doing Erlang and/or Elixir in different areas.
Hopefully they will increase during time :wink:

segment and pagerduty are both heavy users of elixir with presence in canada


Indonesia has local elixir group in telegram with 691 member inside it, btw i need elixir developer (indonesian* only)