How to combine "LiveView" modules with the auth and login module?

After reading “Programming Phoenix 1.4”, I have a question on the two different approach of user management(new, create, update, delete):
From auth or login aspect;
(1) The first approach uses auth.ex, session_controller.ex and user_controller.ex, all of which use “conn” as first argument of their functions,
(2) The second has no login, and just uses several “LiveView” modules including index.ex, new.ex which use “socket” as the last(or third) argument of their functions.

Then my question is how to use auth.ex and session_controller.ex from LiveView modules to support Login? If both approaches use only “conn” or only “socket”, then it might be easy to combine LV modules and session_controller. But, they do not.

Is there any idea on using session controller with LV?
Any idea will be appreciated.

There are a few discussions on authentication in LV - this thread has a few references to other resources: Best way to manage liveviews login auth

Thanks mindok, I will check it.