How to compare two map with a key

I have a @slots map and @bookings map from database. What i want is when there is a booking for slot change to apperance. I need to compare hour keys.
I tried that

<%= for slot <- @slots do %>
<%= if Enum.any?(@bookings, fn(x) -> x.hour == slot.hour end) do %>
do that
do that

But all slots are looking booked.

I also tried that . But still all of slots looking booked. This was working when my app was ruby

<% current_booking = Enum.filter(@bookings, fn(x) -> x.hour == slot.hour end)%>
<%= if current_booking do %>

Problem resolved after restart computer idk how. Enum.any? function work as i expected

I believe that restarting your PC forced your template to be reloaded.