How to compile an executable

How do I compile a standalone executable? I just want to run a program from the console/terminal without using iex. there you go! :smiley:

thanks that site is really good


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But to provide a more direct answer:

  • You can use escript which comes with Elixir (mix has a built-in task to do this) to build a standalone archive. This kind of standalone will run on any computer, as long as it has (a recent version of) Erlang installed.
  • You can use systems like exrm relx or edeliver(which might be easier to use, and uses either exrm or relx underwater) to create a so-called release, which can then be put somewhere as a completely standalone executable, as it includes the current version of Erlang and Elixir. The nice thing about this is that you can later create new versions, and use hot-code swapping on your already-running application with them.