How to disable autocomple of "nil" to "nonempty_improper_list()" in VS Code?

For example, when I type:

defstruct title: nil

and press enter after l the nil is autocompleted into nonempty_improper_list() so I now have:

defstruct title: nonempty_improper_list()

How to disable this behavior for this particular case and not turning off autocomplete for other things?

I am OK with defining some exclude autocomplete words but I have no idea how to do that?

Anybody who is using VSCode and know how to solve this?

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It’s really the same as this issue/fix Add a `do` autocompletion by axelson · Pull Request #593 · elixir-lsp/elixir-ls · GitHub

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So, the fix for this has been merged in the new version of the lanugage server? Any idea how to update it or when it will autoupdate in VS Code extensions?

Also, in the meantime, do you know about some manual way how to stop expanding nil and do - I haven’t mentioned it but like the linked post, I too experience do autoexpanding into things I don’t want to as well.

Are you using VS Code or some other editor?

At somepoint the maintainer will push an update. I haven’t looked at the match, but I’m suspect adding a check for nil would be similar to “do”