How to get more dev contributions to our FLOSS project

Thanks for the ongoing discussion, I’m thrilled by the words of encouragement and vitality of the elixir community :slight_smile:
We’ve decided to tackle some of the challenges exposed in this thread through a series of “expeditions” aimed at improving different parts of the Bonfire framework and pave the way to the awaited 1.0 by co-designing the missing pieces with communities and developers.

The first expedition, named Surveying will address documentation, onboarding and developer experience - we’ve published a blog post to explain it more in details: Bonfire Expeditions - Collaborating to Release Version 1.0

But in a nutshell:

  • We’re looking for 5 elixir developers to begin with
  • Each developer will have a 1-hour pairing session with the Bonfire team
  • During the session, the participant will go through the setup of the bonfire developer environment and the creation of a Hello World extension.
  • Developers will vocalize their thoughts, doubts, and suggestions throughout the process
  • The Bonfire team will provide support and help overcome any obstacles when necessary
  • The Bonfire team will incorporate feedback into the codebase and documentation and refine the onboarding experience for the next session
  • Participants can request compensation of €50 for their time

What do you think? Of course it would be great to have some of you joining the expedition - feel free to DM me or send a mail at :v: