How to get results from a loop

I’m trying to get the batch Ids from a struct and save them in a map with out redundant batch ids. But I keep getting a blank map. My code is below

def get_card_batch_ids() do
    |> case do
         nil -> %{Message: "Cards not foundt", Status: "1"}
         cards ->
           last_card_value = "fsdffd"
           map =

           Enum.each(cards, fn card ->
             IO.inspect card.batchId

             if card.batchId == last_card_value do
               last_card_value = card.batchId
               last_card_value = card.batchId
               map = Map.put(map, :BatchId, card.batchId)

               IO.inspect map

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To solve your specific problem you might want to use the Enum.uniq_by/2 function

Enum.uniq_by(cards, & &1.batchId) # Remove duplicates
|> %{BatchId: &1.batchId}) # Mapping into a new map with an capitalised key

In general you cannot return anything from Enum.each. You need to use for that.

Also you should move away from thinking that you can update variables outside of functions. You can’t and you therefor need to look into functional patterns like map & reduce to transform data. Please ask if you have any additional questions.


Thank you alot. It worked

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What does the & &1. mean in the Remove duplicates line?

& &1 is a shorthand for writing fn(a) -> a end.

You can read more about functions here:

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Here is an introductory article on the different forms of Elixir’s capture syntax.

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As others have already said, & &1 is shorthand for fn a -> a end.

A function that returns its single argument, as is.

Both are a bit obfuscated though, and some prefer to use &Function.identity/1 in their code for readability.

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How can I select specific fields from a struct eg, name and age then add them to a map

Something like this?

struct = %MyStruct{a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4}
Map.take(struct, [:b, :d]) 

> %{b: 2, d: 4}
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