How to have predefined values (select) in an Ecto field?

I hope I am describing it properly. In django web framework one can do

    ('m', 'Male'),
    ('f', 'Female'),
    ('c', 'Couple'),

class UserProfile(models.Model):
  # ... some fields
  gender = models.CharField(max_length=1, choices=GENDER_CHOICES)

In the above code it is defined a tuple of possible choices and the model field can only take one of the values “m”, “f” or “c”. The important thing is that GENDER_CHOICES does not represent a table in the database.

Is there an established pattern to do the same thing with an Ecto field?

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Well, I can think of couple of ways. First of all, this sort of thing can be handled on the database level. If using PostgreSQL, it has an “Enum” types

But Ecto does not seem to implement it natively, and I think since it’s not portable between SQL databases, it never will. Some good person started a project to implement the custom type for Ecto/Enums here:

but I do not know how complete is that or is that usable at all. You’ll need to investigate.

The other option is to simply use the String/Varchar/Text type and enforce the values using Ecto’s validations mechanism, to allow only certain values:


ecto_enum works quite well, I’d recommend it. :slight_smile:

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