How to learn Ash?

Hi, guys
I’m newbie to Ash. I started to look Ash since yesterday, but I’m wondering from where I should to start to learn.
Should I read all document on this Home — ash v3.0.0-rc.45 ?
Or should I wait the book from Progprag?
Any advice will be helpful!

I would definitely start with the release candidate documentation, yes :slight_smile: We will be publishing more documentation soon, and the 3.0 release will happen any day now as well.


I’m currently blasting through the tutorials for the newest RC and all is going well so far.

I did make the mistake of installing 3.0.0-rc.45 and then went on to read the old 2.x documentation and then got confused why it didn’t work as expected… oopsie daisy! :grin:

I would recommend getting your feet wet and diving in ASAP and then when the Ash book comes out we can cross reference our work with it and take the bits from the literature where we can improve our own code. That’s what I would do, anyway. Good luck!

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@zachdaniel is anyone working on an Ash book at the moment?

Yep! @sevenseacat and myself are working on it, making great progress :tada:


What he said :point_up: It’s coming along really nicely!


I started live book from hexdoc 3.0 latest branch.

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