How to make a elixir package in termux?

Is there any one can make a elixir package in termux.

You mean this? If so I’ve not used it before (I almost always have an ssh connection or 4 open from my phone to various computers that I can use instead, while having the full power of those remote connections), but if you show me the instructions for how to build something for termux then I could give it a try?

termux uses plain apt, but permits custom repositories.

To actually add and update packages you have to PR against termux’ package repository, but I’m not sure how that process works exactly. I’ve stopped using it, right after I got a modem at home that is capable of refreshing my * entries on reconnects. SSHing into one of my workstations does work so much better.

Oh, why can’t you just apt install it via the erlang distribution PPA then? o.O?

And yes, SSH’ing in to anywhere is so nice. ^.^

Because it permits custom repositories as I said.

But mostly it is because it doesn’t use the usual Linux pathes but prefixed ones. To make sure this works the Termux maintainer wants that packages are built for that environment.