How to make BEAM SOCKS-aware?

Anybody know how to go about making a BEAM app use a SOCKS proxy, either by making it SOCKS-aware or otherwise?

I just use an SSH tunnel.

Yeah, i’ve done that but I’m exploring options for distribution scenarios with occasionally connected nodes. The particular use I have in mind is testing against Heroku Exec’s proxy support, but I have some other situations in mind that are more legitimate and may call for something SOCKS-ified.

Well as far as I know epmd has no socks support at all as socks is not at all designed for data like that either (where-as a full tunnel is).

However, something like teleport is erlang code to make the epmd protocol hop and jump over a different connectivity thing, you could do something like that to make it work over socks, do know that it is indeed a hack, you really should set up a tunnel, socks needs to die off already.

Yes, I get that its suboptimal, but not all design choices are technical—some are political, particularly when you actually want to sell your software.

I’ll check out teleport, thanks for the link.

I bet there are tunnels that can go over socks too, maybe find some of those too? :slight_smile: