How to quickly reuse another Phoenix Web in current Web

Hi All,

I have a question regarding reuse Phoenix Web in Web, is it possible to do like this?


How to deal with route or supervisor loading?


Are you looking to simply have the routes included in your routes, or are you looking to have multiple ports running?

I only want one port running, and can call each other’s gen server. Routes need to merge together.

I’d consider using to forward a path from one router to routes in the other router. This is probably all you need to do to handle HTTP requests. If you are also trying to handle live view or phoenix sockets you’ll need to probably manually combine those files.

Ok, let me try.
I think convert brunch to webpack is very hard. So this is why lost the interest to merge them.
But broadly thinking, how to reuse existing web module also need to think carefully. For example a user management web module can be share in many web apps.

I merged them. Not very difficult after I used one day to learn Webpack.