How to replicate a multi-domain Rails app?


First poster here …

I have been building Rails applications while doing professional server management for the last ten years. Combining these two topics, I authored Efficient Rails DevOps, a book which is popular among Rails developers who want to provision their own servers to serve their Rails apps.

While in no way abandoning the Ruby/Rails world, I have been interested in functional programming (and especially Elixir) for some time and finally took the leap. I have been programming in various languages for the last 20 years but I still have not managed to fully wrap my head around functional programming in general — so I have decided to replicate my main Rails application (which powers my bootstrapped business) to learn Phoenix, learning Elixir in parallel.

My Rails app powers two domains ( and because they share a lot of common functionality (mainly subscriber/customer management). When starting out, I had a separate API backend which managed subscribers and customers while two other apps (one for each domain) talked to this API via a gem which wrapped the API’s functionality. I abandoned this approach because it slowed development down and was quite a pain to manage.

Having a monlithic, everything-under-one-roof works surprisingly well for me as a single developer — I use router constraints based on the request’s host to decide what get rendered, having a separate relativkreativ/pages_controller and efficientrails/pages_controller. All of them use the same models (subscriber, customer, visitor).

I do not want to replicate my Rails app in Phoenix but do it the Phoenix/Elixir way instead. As I understand it, Elixir/Phoenix is against the monolithic approach but unfortunately, I have no idea where to start.

How would you build such an application with Phoenix?

  • Put everything under one roof (as my Rails app does it)?
    Probably not, I guess.

  • Three completely separate projects?
    One for each domain and one to manage shared business logic? As said, it’s been a PITA with Rails, maybe Elixir/Phoenix can handle it more gracefully.

  • An umbralla app?
    To be honest, I am not completely sure what an umbrella app is but it sounds like it could be what I need.

It would be great if somebody pointed me in the right direction. To clarify, I do not (necessarily) need any tutorials or code samples but a quick explanation of the rough concepts. I’m quite good at figuring stuff out myself and I’ll probably come back later with more specific questions :wink:

Thanks a lot!


It depends mostly on how “individually” you want the parts to run. If they want to be able to run parts independently (started on a node without the other parts) then I’d go with an umbrella. Otherwise I’d go with a single mix project, but keeping the boundries between the separate parts explicit.

An umbrella app can be started as a unit, though. It’s also a single mix project. I don’t see why you would make this distinction.


Currently, the whole monolith runs on a dedicated server and performance-wise, I see no reason to change that. It’s basically just a blog engine with a few product pages, the most elaborate parts being concerned with creating email list subscribers and re-identifying them.

Could you elaborate a bit on “keeping the boundaries explicit”?


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