How to save/retrieve Atom to database in Ecto

I want to use Atoms as enum(in other language) to do matching more than true/false two states, like :apple , :banana, :carrot. But after many of googling, not able to find how to save/retrieve those atoms to/from database in Ecto. Any idea? thanks.

what_to_eat = get_atom_from_ecto(fruit_type)
case what_to_eat do
    :apple -> "here is your apple"
    :banana -> "here is banana"
    :carrot -> "have this carrot"
    _  -> "any fruit, don't care"

I am not sure :erlang.term_to_binary(anything) is the way to go, but worry if the binary of atom not able to see in database as text.

There is a Ecto.Enum module for such tasks.

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