How to send messages via Whatsapp?

Good people, maybe someone has already thought about this …
But I’m starting to build a project, to send message via whatsapp fully automated …
automatically sends text messages to a certain pre-intended list

Would anyone have any idea how to do this?
I’m reading a bit about this library

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use their API - it’s in “limited public preview” - once you have an account you can also use twilio if that is easier for you


My intention is not to use specialized companies like Twilio …
I want to create my own automatic actions on the screen.

This WhatsAp API has limitations … for a while you will have to pay …
I intend to create these actions directly through the web browser.

Anyway, thank you for the collaboration

Well, they give you a paid API to do things, this usually means that manually doing those via scraping the website is against their terms of use.

If though you really want to do it anyway, elixir won’t give you much, nor will hound. First you have to remember that there can only be a single instance of WAweb at a time, the second is, that the first time you need to log in via scanning a QR code. I’m not sure if you can retrieve this code via hound.

Probably the easiest thing is to use grease monkey (or something equivalent) and write a user script which operates WAweb.