How to set a custom IEX executable path?

Hey all!

I want to contribute to Elixir and I did an IEX feature.
Now I want to test my implementation and see the actual output, so I added the bin directory of the elixir repository to my PATH environment variable (elixir path:/home/dsb/elixir/bin in .tools-versions as I am using asdf).
All tests are running and passing, but when I try the iex command I got:

No iex executable found for elixir path:/home/dsb/elixir/bin

But there is an iex executable in the bin directory, so is there a way to fix this?

Looks like the path should be to the root folder ie elixir path:/home/dsb/elixir according to the asdf docs on the .tool-versions file.

Or if you’ve already compiled Elixir from source in a specific directory:

elixir path:/path/to/elixir

Note that the path specified must be an absolute path to the Elixir installation’s root directory (e.g. the directory containing the bin directory).


Yes it’s working now, thank you!