How to set sname for mix application

I am building an application in Elixir, and can’t seem to connect to its sname. If my app is named foo, when I compile it with MIX_ENV=prod mix release, it generates the app under _build, but when it executes, it sets the sname in the beam.smp command line as -sname foo. I can’t then connect from another process, but if I manually run it with -sname foo@localhost, it works fine.

I’ve searched the docs and the forum here, and can’t for the life of me find a recommended way to set the sname to foo@localhost from mix.exs. I can manually edit the shell scripts that launch the app, but that doesn’t seem like the “right” way to do it. It means I’ll either have to check in a compiled version to git, or instruct users who install my app to go in and manually edit the scripts after compilation.

I’m confused that I’m even having this problem, because it seems like something so simple, I feel like I must have missed something very basic. Thank you for your time!