How to show summary of all exunit tests in umbrella?

Currently, if you run mix test in umbrella it does it recursively, it’s fine, but I also want to have nice summary after that across all apps. Does anybody know how to achieve that or any hint?

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I don’t think so because the nature of an umbrella application is that it is just a container for separate, individual applications. Everything should be managed independently among the applications. Having a test which treats the applications as a single unit runs contrary to the umbrella concept.

But can we create a task that starts at root? I thougth it was the reason why umbella root have deps section.

I start thinking about bash piping and text manipulations…

Thou I didn’t find a better approach, I think someone beyond me would be interested in a quick and dirty solution.


Having a tool that gives you summary test stats across all apps does not run contrary to anything :slight_smile:

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