How to Shutdown Livebook Server

Hi, Newbie,
How do you shutdown the Livebook server?
I launched it with ‘livebook server’ at the command line
on a Linux machine

It’s Ctrl+c or Ctrl+\.

Thanks for the reply. Apologies for the poorly worded post on my part.
Yes ctl+c works for me now. When I first installed livebook and launched he server
ctl+c would cancel the server but subsequent launches would fail, had to reboot.
I have since uninstalled and reinstalled and now ctl+c works properly,
allowing restarts. Ctl+c to my mind aborts the server as opposed to
shutting it down elegantly. Python’s Jupyter lab notebook has a menu
entry on the left panel that lets you shut it down elegantly. However,
it is a moot point now that ctl+c is working properly for me now.