How to use 'phoenix-heex' templates in VSCode

You can currently get Tailwind IntelliSense in ~H sigil blocks in your .ex and .exs files, and I imagine also Surface .sface.

Just to your settings.json:

"tailwindCSS.includeLanguages": {
    "elixir": "html",
    "surface": "html"

The “html” part is telling Tailwind IntelliSense to treat files with elixir and surface IntelliSense language IDs as html files (css and javascript are the other options.)

Here’s the explanation from Tailwind.

A question.
Last year the Tailwind IntelliSense maintainer was so kind as to add support for .heex files, so Tailwind IntelliSense works out of the box for .heex files.
Would we want the same support for .ex and .sface files, or would it conflict somehow outside of ~H sigil blocks?