HTTPoison Post Request to Dropbox Help

Hi Guys, im trying to upload a file to Dropbox. I have a view that accepts the file and I can access that file through the params. But I can’t seem to create the right http post request to dropbox using HTTPoison… Could you help out a newbie? Am I doing it right? Is there a better way? Much appreciated.

def create(conn, %{"file" => file} = params) do

    url = ""
    token = "MYTOKEN"
    header = [
      {"Authorization", "Bearer #{token}"},
      {"Dropbox-API-Arg", "{\"path\": \"/dropboxtest/jeff.png\"}"},
      {"Content-Type: application/octet-stream"}
    body =[:path])
    IO.inspect(, body, header))


You probably want to match on {:ok, body} or use!/1 instead.