HTTPS is now live!

We are now live on :icon_cool:

Please give it a whirl and if there are no reported issues we can proceed to set up the permanent redirect.


Great, what about http2 ? :slight_smile:

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Looks like it is not supported on HAProxy 1.5 (which is the latest CentOS 7 version that we are using) :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 for HTTP/2 :smiley:

Well done @AstonJ! The permanent redirect will be glorious. The Internet gods will rejoice in choir :astonished:

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Currently there are some issues with the Twitter log in :071: I was hoping to draw a line under it all today as well :043:

At least I learned that if using HAProxy on the frontend then you only need to set it up on HAProxy - since it is what talks to the browser. This should make it easier when setting it up for Rails/Phoenix/(php even!) sites as well. Well that’s what I am hoping :lol:

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