I want to build REST API with websockets and real-time features (websocket Rest API)? CAN YOU HELP?

Hey everyone.
I want to build an backend for my reactjs app and i want to use elixir phoenix framework for this because i want to add many real time features to my app.

I want to ask that if there is anything available which can help me to complete my project. Any video / post / blog etc.

I tried a lot about but i am not able to find perfect tutorial.
I want few features like → Auth, CRUD API, HTTP SERVER, WEBSOCKETS API etc.

Please provide anything you have for me but i want some latest version not old one.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think You’ll find a post that covers all You want to do…

I advise You to start by learning websocket. There is a package phoenix.js You could use in your React frontend.

The rest is standard in many frameworks.