Ideas for automated time and date based emails?

I want to create an app where a user submits a collection of future dates and their email. When the dates occur the user is sent a notification email. It seems like Elixir/ Erlang is a good choice for this kind of app. What modules , patterns and tools do you suggest for this?

The notification email would be an email associated with the app per a regular old email client. It could be gmail or something else. I found a package called Bamboo that looks useful but it doesn’t seem to have a feature that allows for sending scheduled emails into the future at specific times/days.

If I was using JavaScript I could write a few setIntervals to parse through a huge array of user dates and reference them against the current date/time to determine when to send off emails to the user(s).

Thank you.

You can schedule tasks in the future with Oban: Combine that with Bamboo and you can schedule emails.