Iex, mix does not work on windows

I used elixir-websetup to install elixir on windows.

iex and mix does not work with this error

Cannot find file at 'c:\program files/erl9.2/erts-9.2/bin/erl.exe' (c:\program files\erl9.2\erts-9.2\bin\erl.exe). This usually indicates a missing or moved file.

I suppose elixir is somehow pointing to the wrong erlang directory even though duing the installation process i have already specified where it is.

Did anyone face this problem? How do you resolve it?

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Just to share with anyone who face similar problems. Do check your system path to make sure erlang bin directory (in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\erl10.3\bin) is specified and delete all others that are wrong or irrelevant.