Iex Will not start in Onedrive folder

My project is located in my Onedrive folder on a Win10 pc, and I’ve been successfully been able to start iex from that folder until today. Now when I try starting the iex program there I get a message that erl.exe has stopped working. I can move the project up to a folder above the Onedrive and get iex to work, but I was wondering what happened?

Maybe a directory or file is locked?

My suspicion is that the directory is somehow locked. It worked before though. Fortunately it’s easy to move the project somewhere else.

You should check it though is what I was implying, Microsoft’s Process Explorer can scan that. ^.^

Well it turns out it’s not a Onedrive issue. If I create a folder that is one folder deep, for instance c:\elixir\elixir_pluralsight, iex will not start in that bottom folder, but it will start in the folder above.

Hmm interesting, I cannot replicate it here. I have them in c:\users\<my_user>\projects\elixir\... and they work without issue (well, other than other normal windows issues)?

Thanks for checking that out. I will just have to move the folders until I figure out why this is happening.

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Just for your information:


Thank you for pointing this out, added my comment to the error.