If Ruby has really slow performance how come Elixir is fast?

Strangly enough working with Ruby on my daytime job and Elixir whenever I can, I feel less and less that their syntaxes are similar, anyone else having the same kind of experience?


Depends on what exactly you mean by “syntax”; there’s a lot of similarity with low-level lexical stuff - for instance, string interpolation, hash rockets, do/end blocks. There’s enough parallelism that when things are explicitly not parallel like %{} vs {} for hash literals I still make errors by typing the Ruby version.

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Good point which makes me think.
I guess that at the beginning the emotional impact of syntax is look and feel and when you get used to that it is much more subtle.
I just see the big delta between a typical multiclause pattern matching def in Elixir and a def in Ruby now.
BTW that would also explain the massive Lisp rejection