Ignoring mix aliases

I have the test task aliased like this:

[test: "test --no-start"]

How can I “ignore” this alias? More specifically, if I do mix help test, the help tells me about the alias. How do I see the help for the underlying test task? I know I can just do it in another project, but I would like to know if there is some mechanism to do this kind of things.


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Mix would need to know that your alias is executing the test mix task (and only that one), which afaik it currently doesn’t have a clue about. What you supply for the alias to execute could be a lot more than just other mix tasks.

What’s your Elixir version? I’m running master and it displays the actual docs underneath:

$ iex help test

                                    mix test

Alias for ["ecto.create --quiet", "ecto.migrate", "test"]

Location: mix.exs

There is also a task named "test". The documentation is shown next.

                                    mix test

Runs the tests for a project.

This task starts the current application, loads up test/test_helper.exs and
then requires all files matching the test/**/*_test.exs pattern in parallel.

A list of files can be given after the task name in order to select the files
to compile:

Yes, sorry, I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean “give me the help for the task used by the alias”. I meant “if there is an alias with the same name as this task, ignore it”.

$ elixir --version
Erlang/OTP 21 [erts-10.1.1] [source] [64-bit] [smp:8:8] [ds:8:8:10] [async-threads:1] [hipe]

Elixir 1.7.1 (compiled with Erlang/OTP 19)

Installed using asdf.