Image - an image processing library based upon Vix

Looking good Kip! I’m sure lots of fun will be had with it once it’s released! :003:

Also I’m not sure whether you (or @seanmor5) are aware but Google extended Stable Diffusion and created DreamBooth. It’s open source and offers a way to tweak Stable Diffusion to produce variations of photos in different styles. It’s what Avatar AI uses and is exactly what I am looking for - it would be awesome if we could have this! :star_struck:

The project I would use it for is…

Drum roll...

Edit: screenshot snipped! I need to stop talking about potential projects because apparently when you share details of them it gives you the same sense of achievement of having completed them - so ends up working against you! Open to my arm being twisted tho! But it will take a lot of twisting, haha!

I’m in no major rush for it tho - if I start that project it will be when LV is at 1.0 (or when Chris thinks we’re unlikely to see major changes to it).