Insert Required Fields Into Chat Message

I would like to insert required fields into a chat message bubble. For example:

  1. While in the chat, I press a button, similar to the add emoji or image file buttons, that allows me to disseminate an event into the chat using a chat message bubble.
  2. After pressing the button, required fields appear such as, “Event Name”, “Date”, "Time, “Where”, and “Who”.
  3. I fill in the required fields: “Birthday Party”, “December 12th, 2022”, “1:00 PM”, “The bar down the street”, and for “Who”, I select all users in the group chat.
  4. When I press send, the info is sent stacked top-down in that order into the chat inside of my chat message bubble.

I was thinking I would use an approach similar to the coding that allows me to insert emojis or image files into the chat using menu buttons, because using emojis requires a button to access the emoji menu. I would also use some of the “required fields” coding that allows users to fill in a “create account” form on a webpage. Is this generally the way I should do it? Is there a better way to insert specific required fields into a chat message bubble?

Thanks in advance for your help!