Installation problems

I just downloaded Elixer for this URL and cannot find the location of the elixir compiler in order to complete editing my .profile file. Where is that thing?

I am installing on a PC running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.

Well, where did you put it? Or what exactly do you mean by “I just downloaded Elixir”?

A long search with ‘find’ showed me where the install placed the files, I have updated my .profile file and it is now working. I would point out that a sentence or two about where the files actually got dropped would help out a newbie.

When you “just download”, then there are no files “dropped” anywhere. A single archive will exactly there where you download to. Though you haven’t what you actually meant by “downloading”.

Did you run any commands on the terminal? What actually happens, does massively depend on those commands.

Though unless you did an installation from source, or tarballs or asdf you actually shouldn’t need to edit a users dotfiles. And for the latter this edit is necessary only to install asdf, not to install elixir with/through it.

Did you use the erlang-solutions .deb file?