Installation script for Elixir on Debian based systems


I was looking for ways to make my elixir installations more flawless across my environments, I wrote How to install the Phoenix Framework on Cloud9 but I feel like it was way too long, that’s why I decided to create a shell script to install just Elixir.

The source code can be found at the GitHub repository and of course, any suggestions and PR’s are welcome!

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Yeah, really, it’s to long. For erlang and elixir base, it shouldn’t be more than adding esl-repository to apt and then installing.

What I really have problems with every time I do encounter an apt machine is the very outdated node version in the official Repo. This would really need some attention!


Installing on Ubuntu is fine for me but I always find problems when trying to install on Kubuntu. Also I don’t think Elixir 1.2 is available in the Kubuntu repos. I believe.

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on Arch-based distros…

sudo pacman -S elixir

done :wink:

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