IntegrateDB - Database sharing toolkit for Postgres

@radiospiel that’s a pretty clear sign that the docs / description aren’t clear enough!

I’m hopeful I can simplify and clarify the docs as part of the next phase. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

@thruflo I am curious to see the results :slight_smile: Initially I was asking because what I need(ed) to do is to share a single postgres database between multiple services, where each service gets its own schema, but in general these services do trust each other to not wrack havoc on other services’ data (i.e. they somehow trust each other.) I think integratedb is not what I needed, but it is somewhat in that üroblem space :slight_smile:

@radiospiel you can totally use Integrate as is for this and the default behaviour with no claims is simply to provide each stakeholder application a db user that’s scoped to its own schema. However, you could also do this with a couple of auth related SQL statements.

I’m a bit snowed under at the moment but I’ll post here when I manage to get the time to restructure as planned :slight_smile: