Is Dialyzer fetching incorrect specs, or are they incorrect in Meeseeks?

I can confirm that 0.9.3 does not emmit any dialyzer errors, and because of that my whole project dialyzer error rate greatly gone down.

@mischov Just one thing I observed, meeseeks_html5ever version I got is “0.9.0” but the corresponding meeseeks_html5ever_nif version in Cargo.toml is “0.8.1”. I caught it when I was watching as things compile. I’m not saying it’s a bug or anything, just something I observed.

Anyway, I really love the library itself and how fast you react to any potential issues :+1:

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Yeah, I caught that version mismatch thing after I released and didn’t want to make another release just to fix that. It doesn’t have any impact on how it runs, it’s just confusing. Sorry for being sloppy. :frowning: