Is It Normal that All HTTP Responses Are 404 by Default in Phoenix?

I don’t know what I changed, but I noticed, especially after upgrading elixir to version 1.14.4 that HTTP responses are 404 even though the data is found and sent successfully. I never encountered this phenomenon before and the codebase has not changed all that much. Does anyone understand this behavior?

This isn’t enough for us to be able to help.

You need to give us the code for the routes file with any sensitive stuff redacted.

Also tell us if this happens for all endpoints or just some.

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Hey @PaulRusuTibreanu no that is indeed not normal. I can’t imagine that changing Elixir versions is going to introduce that, so as Exadra notes you’ll want to provide us with some concrete code to debug.


Yeah, I am very sorry, but you saying that that is not normal is the exact answer to my question. I first pose questions like this because sometimes updates really change a lot of unexpected stuff, and coming from an angular background, I am talking out of experience. I’ll look into my specific problem further and try to pinpoint the problem more precisely. Thanks for engaging so far.