Is it possible to add special documentation pages like that for protocols or exceptions?

Hey, I’m writing library and some methods generates modules with some extra functions. I would like to separate them (these modules) in my documentation.
Is it possible to “notify” ex_doc library that I would like to have special pages for modules with (for example) @is_special true module attribute?
If not is there any way to make it without fork whole library?

Possible workaround:
Add mix task that generates *.md file (optionally with HTML code - if needed) and allow developer to include this on himself.


  1. Easy to generate extra docs
  2. Extra docs are optional - not required to include
  3. No need to fork ex_doc library


  1. It’s one more command for developer :slight_smile:
  2. It’s not as same as protocols and exceptions - it’s in extras
  3. Need to update in case ex_doc will update it’s templates

What do you think about it? Do you have another ideas?