Is it possible to do GraphQL Schema Stitching with Absinthe

The main feature in 1.5 is really that schemas can be built and manipulated with ordinary datastructures, and constructed from sources like SDL and the traditional macros. This was a prerequisite to any kind of dynamic programatic schema building, whether that was going to happen via schema stitching or the new federation mechanism.


Thank you so much for a quick reply. Do you guys have an estimate for when 1.5 will be out?

Honestly no. It’s in Beta now and the beta is pretty solid, all 904 tests pass in the Absinthe suite. With Bruce at Github now and with me taking over engineering at Cargosense we’ve been too busy to commit large chunks of time in a way that would provide a predictable release schedule. @binaryseed has been a fantastic addition to the core team, but we’re still not in a place where we can make a meaningfully accurate prediction.


Thanks a lot Ben. No rush. Also, we all are very grateful for the library and the time you guys have put into it.