Is it recommended to have Mix as a runtime dependency?

I am writing a simple command line application and added a package which has a dependency on Mix. When I try to run my application I get a failing message of

Could not start application mix: could not find application file:

Looking at the package code, the HTTP client is changed based on whether being run in test with a Mix ENV lookup.

Is this a standard practice and I should add Mix to my list of dependencies? Or should I refactor?

Suggestions on a different mechanism are appreciated.

Mix should not be a runtime dependency. If an HTTP client is doing this it is doing the wrong thing.

No it was not HTTPClient itself. The package code was using an alternate module based on running in test environment. I was unsure if this was a standard practice, and, assuming not, a different approach to take.

At a minimum I can remove the code and force it to always use the prod module.

It should be a fairly common practice to configure the application you want to use at compile time. You can read a bit about this in a blog post by José.

Thanks for the blog article. I actually found it earlier as well. The article suggests using Application.get_env, which I believes requires the dependency of mix.

As this is for a command line application, I am not too worried about the introduction of mix. But, I am still unclear as to whether this is the proper way for a larger scale application.

The Application module is part of Elixir’s standard library. It has nothing to do with mix.

Ok. I have something else giving me the error requiring then.