Is and up to date?

Hello everybody…

In my learning journey, I try to learn from different source and in different ways in order to grasp (and engrave in my head) as much as I can…

This goes from books, conf talks, video courses, screen casts, youtube videos etc…

I heard of and which are both from the same author, from which I’ve also heard positive things…

But I wanted to know if right now in 2020 they still have values…
I’m asking because I already followed some older resources… While it didn’t matter much for elixir, I noticed that for Phoenix (including ecto and other related dependencies) it was a little bit more difficult to adapt to newer version…

And while I’m here, I wanted to know if the author is fine? It seems that he didn’t give any sign from more than a year (I mean at least on his blog and on twitter…)

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@danielberkompas will know - hopefully he’ll spot this and be able to answer you :smiley:

You get less changes in a language than you do a framework, so it’ll be more important for the Phoenix course to have been updated :023:

Also check out other Courses and also this recent one by @redrapids

Has anyone seen Building Tetris on Elixir/LiveView?

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Thanks for the link about Tetris on Elixir/LiveView…
Seems good and if I’m not mistaken it’s from Bruce Tate (author I know from many books I own from PragProg).
I’ll start the first free episodes and surely I’ll buy the remaining ones (particularly regarding the affordable price for everything - and I even hope that will be valid for upcoming videos, if any… hopefully…)

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The episodes are a great quick introduction to the language and OTP basics. The highpoint for me was episode 16 Applications in which a full OTP application is developed following some TDD.

All episodes are still relevant in a way or another incluiding the Deployment episode, it does’t cover releases from elixir 1.9 but still offers a valid path for deployment.


Thanks for the reply…
Have you also watched the videos?
If they have some kind of highpoints too?

Thank you

I haven’t :frowning_face:

But the program seems to be of excellent quality; judging from the episodes alone:

  • I really like that Daniel dedicates 5 episodes just to Ecto.
  • After going through Phoenix almost half of the episodes are about building varied kinds of apps.

A good thing is that Phoenix hasn’t changed a lot so all the episodes should still be relevant.


Hi Sanjibukai,

Both series are out of date. However, since both Elixir and Phoenix are stable and have been for some time, this just means that they lack videos on new features released since I released the series. Nearly everything in the videos is still relevant.

Phoenix 1.3 was released in the middle of producing the Phoenix series, so many of the videos still use the old Phoenix 1.2 file structure. However, there is an episode on Phoenix 1.3 that covers most of the changes.

I’m very happy people in the community have found them useful. One of these days, I may be able to bring them fully up to date, especially since both Phoenix and Elixir have reached maturity now and I expect only minor features and patches going forward. I’m just busy with life and work, so I never seem to quite get around to it.

Anyway, I hope this helps!


Thanks for taking the time to answer!
Glad to see there isn’t anything unusual other than what life and work took up…
I’ll probably subscribe anyway buy the courses anyway :wink: