Is learning only Elixir enough as a backend developer to develop any project?

tnx so much :slight_smile:

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It’s quite unfair for cowboy.
Under the hood we all use it when we use Phoenix :slight_smile:

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Cowboy is a webserver, I only looked at frameworks as an indicator for the amount of web development is going on. But obviously, without the fundament the Erlang ecosystem provides the success of Elixir/Phoenix would not be possible.


You’ve got Glimesh (open source), a platform built for streaming (like Twitch). You could look under the hood, to get a feeling of what can be done is that area. (i’m talking about you’re suggestions to build a video streaming app).

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Cool, I get it thx :blush:

From my understanding, if you compare Elixir and Clojure, you have to compare a typical mix of libraries in Clojure with an Elixir framework, as Clojure people do not generally prescribe to frameworks. I am not an expert, just forwarding that I have read.